How Many Deer Can You Kill in a Season?


How many deer one can kill in a season will differ from state to state. In some states, hunters can kill as many as six deer per year. Some states allow only one kill per season.
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Deer hunting season varies from state to state. However, most of the time it starts sometime in October and goes through the winter into February.
Typically, the venison or carcass is confiscated and the hunter/shooter receives a fine. The licensing officials can also withhold any hunting permit. Poachers would be dealt with
There are two types of deer hunting in Texas: white-tailed deer and mule deer. White-tail deer have a white underside on its tail. White-tails have a reddish-brown coat in the spring
State officials say 116,798 white-tailed deer were killed by Ohio
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Between 115,000 and 118,000 deer are killed during firearm hunting season each year throughout the country. In addition, another 28,000 or so are taken by archers ...
The number that are killed during deer season each year is around 518,573 deer. That number is actually more than that because some people will hit a deer with ...
The DNR estimates that for the 2010 firearm season, some 117,000 deer will be taken by hunters in the U.S. In addition, another 28,000 or so will be bagged by ...
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