How many degrees are in a rhombus?


A rhombus has interior angles that equal 360 degrees. In a rhombus, the interior angles that are opposite each other are always equal, and the diagonals of the rhombus always bisect each other and form right angles.

A rhombus is any polygon that has four equal sides. Each side is parallel to the side opposite of it. A square is considered a rhombus since it has four equal sides. A rhombus is also considered a parallelogram since the opposite sides are parallel and the opposite angles are equal to each other. This shape is also referred to as a diamond.

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The interior angles of any quadrilateral, including a rhombus, add up to 360
A rhombus has 4 sides. It is a quadrilateral where all the sides are the same and the opposite sides are parallel. A square is a special case of rhombus with 90 degree angles between
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