How Many Delegates Are Needed to Win the Democratic Nomination?


To win a Democratic nomination, a candidate has to receive over 2,000 votes. A Republican candidate only has to receive about 1200 votes.
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maybe because there are fewer canidates
2025 total needed. According to CNN the totals are (at this minute anyway): Obama 1215 (1059 gained by votes from the states). Clinton 1190 (956 gained by votes from the states).
In reference to winning the democratic nomination, 2025 delegates are needed. However, the "super delegates" are free to pledge their vote to whichever candidate they choose
These two questions are extremely difficult to reconcile. (1) Which candidate most likely ensures a re-election for President Obama? According to RealClearPolitics, President Obama
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The number of delegates needed to win the nomination for the presidential election depends largely on the political party. If you are a candidate for the Democratic ...
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