How Many Different Flavors of Gatorade?


There has been 32 different flavors of gatorade: lemon lime, feirce grape, glacier freeze, cherry, and riptide rush, and fruit punch are some of the most popular.
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Lemon Lime was the first Gatorade flavor, and has a strong lemon and lime taste. It is part of the line of original Gatorade flavors. Fruit Punch is another of the original Gatorade
Gatorade has 8 thirst quenching flavors. They are Rain, Frost,
The best by far was Citrus Cooler but they don't make it anymore as far as I can tell. It was also Michael Jordan's favorite flavor. All the current flavors seem about the same
*Lemon Lime (green) * Orange (orange possibly inspired by the Gators' Orange Bowl win. * Fruit Punch (red) * Iced Tea Cooler (brown, discontinued in 1995) * Grape (dark purple, discontinued
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There are many, many flavors of gum available although no one knows exactly how many. There are the standard flavors of gum such as spearmint and wintergreen. ...
The number of calories in a 32 Oz Gatorade depends on the flavor. A lemon-lime flavor Gatorade has 200 calories. It also contains 56 grams of carbs. ...
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