How Many Different Kinds of Monomers Are There in Proteins?


To find the answer to the question of how many different kinds of monomers are proteins, we turn to our biology, physics, and health science books. It has been determined that there are 20 different common amino acids and these are the monomers that form a protein. Monomers are the atoms and or small molecules that come together to form the polymers. The are four general monomers and they are nucleotides, amino acids, fatty acids, and monosaccharides.
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There are 20 different kinds of monomers in proteins, called amino acids.
There are 20 different monomers in protein.
the monomers you speak of are amino acids. you should look them up on wikipedia or something. there are 20 though. they combine to make polypeptides. which combine to make proteins,
The monomers in nucleic acids are nucleotides. In total there are 8. In RNA there are four: adenylic acid (AMP) cytidylic acid (CMP) guanylic acid (GMP) MORE? report this answer.
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