How many different species of flightless birds are there?


Flightless birds are birds that can not fly. There are several species of flightless birds. The most common ones include passeriformes or perching birds, ratites, anseriformes or waterfowl, podicipediformes or grebes, gruiformes and columbiformes.
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There are about 40 species living today. Please view the Related Links below for more information about flightless birds.
There are approximately 40 species of flightless bird, including the ostrich, penguin (several species), emu, cassowaries (several species) and the kiwi.
The biggest flightless birds alive today are the ostrich, the northern cassowary,the
There are about 40 living species of flightless birds, about 17-20 of these are penguins. However, flightlessness has evolved many times among birds. According to Harshman et al.
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