How Many Dogs and Cats Are Euthanized Each Year?


In 2009, the Human Society of the United States released statistics on euthanasia. They reported an estimated 3-4 million dogs and cats were euthanized each year. This represented half of the animals that entered animal shelters during the same period.
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Over 4 million dogs are put to sleep in the country every year.Something MUST
I am guessing millions. It is so sad isn't it? This site may have information on stray cats and kittens.
i am not sure about the number of dogs that get hit each year but i do know from experience that it sucks. i just lost my jack russell terrier mix puppy to a car hit. he was in my
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It is estimated that four million dogs and cats are put down in shelters each year. This amounts to about one every eight seconds.
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