How Many Dollars Is 1 Million Pennies?


One million pennies equals 10,000 USD. There are 100 pennies in a dollar, seeing as a penny equals one cent. If you would like to cash in those pennies, it is suggested that you go to a bank and have it sorted and counted just to double check.
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$10,000. why you would want 10K in pennies though is another matter. 50 pennies to a roll.that's 20,000 rolls.
1 million pennies in 10,000 dollars.
There are 100 pennies in a dollar so 100 times 1 million is equal to 1,000,000,000 pennies or 1 billion. Got another one? Ask us anything!
This is nearly impossible to solve to satisfaction. If you alter your question to say 'how many modern pennies in 1lb' your answer will be 182 pennies. The currently minted pennies
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It would take 20 million nickels to make $1 million. A United States nickel is worth five cents, so $1 is the equivalent of 20 nickels.Multiplying 20 nickels per ...
It would take 100 million pennies to equal 1 million dollars! There is actually a display of 100 million pennies at the Rockefeller Plaza. They are in a case that ...
1 million pennies would be equal to $10,000 dollars. You would just divide 1 million by 100 to get the answer. ...
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