How Many Double Spaced Pages Is 2500 Words?


How many pages a paper with 2500 words double spaced will be, will depend on the font and font size. With a 12pt Arial font, 2500 words would be approximately 9 pages.
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7.5 pages.
Depends on the font you are using and the size of the font. A general typed page though is usually about 400-500 words so 2500 words would come out roughly 5 pages.
With 12 point font and double spacing 2,500 words will
No result found in double space, But there are 1750 words minimum in single space. Papers should demonstrate familiarity with scholarly form & expository style. report this answer
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The number of pages for 1,000 words double-spaced varies according to several factors, but generally comes to about four pages on standard letter-size paper measuring ...
The number of words on a page when it is double-spaced depends on the font size and the margins. In general, a single page which is double-spaced should contain ...
Depending on the font and margins, about 250 to 300 words should fit on a double spaced page. This would be for a standard 8 1/2 by 11 sheet. ...
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