How Many Drops in 1 CC?


CC is a measurement of liquids and stands for cubic centimeters. 1 CC is the equivalent of 1 milliliter. There are about 20 drops in 1 CC or 1 milliliter.
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The answer depends on the source of the drops (e.g. an eye-droppers vs a leady faucet) In general though, 1 cc = 1 mL = ~20 drops.
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When I did this experiment in college using a calibrated pipette, it was 10 drops.
1cc is 1ml, or .001 liters. 1cc of water also has a mass of 1g.
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One cubic centimeter is equal to 15.41919 drops.
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There are 36.588 cc's in one cup. CC stands for cubic centimeters. There are 8 ounces in one cup. Take the ounces and multiply by 30 to get the cc's needed. ...
If using a standard dropper where 20 drops equal 1 milliliter, approximately 98 drops fit into a U.S. teaspoon. The number of drops can be more or less depending ...
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