How many edges does a cone have?


In strict geometric terms, a cone does not have any edges. Since a cone lacks a plane and an edge in geometry is the location where two planes intersect, it does not have any edges.

However, the answer to this question depends on the definition of "edge" and "plane." If it is considered that the cone has an infinite amount of intersecting planes, there are an infinite number of edges where each of these planes intersect with each other. If one considers the term "edge" to mean the boundary of a geometric plane figure, then a cone has one edge along the perimeter of its flat base.

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slant edge is a height of a cone.
None because there is no straight line on a cone that is completely visible. ChaCha on!
the edge of the circular side. ur stupid the tip of the cone is not the edge!!!!!!!! wtf is this world coming to?!?! is the same a a cylinder
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A cone has one base, one curved surface and one vertex, depending on the definition of "vertices". It technically has no edges.
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