How Many Edges Does a Sphere Have?


A sphere is a three dimensional circle shape, most commonly associated with the shape of a ball. A sphere is specifically classified as having no faces, no edges, and no vertexes. A sphere can be measured using the radius, with a given point at the center of the sphere. The sphere also has a hemisphere which divides the object in half at its widest point. The name sphere originates from the Greek word sphaira, which means globe or ball.
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A sphere technically does not have a face, but one continuous curved surface. It has no vertices and no edges.
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Technically speaking there are two answers to that. 1 or infinite. Although normally you would say one on test papers and so on.
There is different information about spheres in our old math book and our new one. Addison-Wesley Mathematics , 1987, shows: A sphere has Zero flat faces, Zero vertices's, Zero straight
Edge-Computing Toolkit for WebSphere Studio has been retired.
that answer depends on where you're standing. If you had your back flat against the sphere, you would be see yourself upside-down. If you were closer to the mirror (facing it and
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A sphere is characterized by having zero faces, zero edges, and zero vertexes. The three dimensional ball shape is void of any edges, corners, or vertexes, which ...
Sphere is a continuous surface relationship it only has one face. There are no edges to divide or separate the sphere. It has one face and no edges. ...
A soccer ball is a sphere and, as such, has no edges. ...
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