How Many Eggs Do Fish Lay?


To determine how many eggs a fish will lay, depends on many factors. It depends on which type of fish you're referring to. I have clown fish that will lay dozens and dozens of eggs, and then turn around and eat them a few days later. Some fish will lay thousands of eggs a year.
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Fish lay eggs instead of giving live birth. The eggs hatch into a "fry" with an attached yolk sac. About a week later, the fry matures into fish.
Fish lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young, and the eggs hatch into "fry" with a yolk sac still attached to them. After about a week to 10 days in this form, the
All fish lay eggs, aside from a few species of shark which give live birth.
they lay many eggs because most of them are eaten before they hatch.
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Fish lay many eggs to increase chance of survival of the offspring and the continuation of their generation. Fish do not take care of their young making them prone ...
Not all fish lay eggs. Some fish actually give birth to baby fish, which are known as fry. When a fish gives birth, it is common for the fish to eat its young ...
When an angel fish is busy laying eggs, her mate of sorts follows her around, fertilizing her eggs. In places where there are no males present to fertilize the ...
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