How many eggs do frogs lay?


The number of eggs a frog lays depends upon the species; some frogs can lay up to 20,000 eggs at a time. The eggs are usually laid underwater and hatch within a few weeks.

Female frogs lay their unfertilized eggs in a mass underwater. The males fertilize the laid eggs and the females then cover the eggs in a jelly-like substance. Some species of frogs leave the eggs after they are laid, while some stay with the eggs to protect them. Tree frogs do not lay their eggs in water, but they lay them in a tree over water so that the tadpoles can drop into the water after they hatch.

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Frogs lay their tadpoles (eggs) in the water, like a pond, or something like that, i hope i helped:
1. Clean all debris from the pool. Skim floating debris first, and then vacuum dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool. Scoop out any frogs or frog eggs you find in the water.
A female frog lays eggs under water, usually in the spring. She may lay as many as
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The main reason why frogs lay so many eggs at once is to increase the chances of survival for the hatch-lings. This is due the fact that they have many predators ...
After mating, the female frog will lay her eggs in a body of water. They are laid in masses of around 200 eggs, called egg spawn. Sometimes she will wait for them ...
The length of time that it takes for a frog egg to hatch after it has been fertilized varies greatly. That said, hatching will usually occur anywhere from 6-21 ...
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