How Many Eggs Do Frogs Lay?


Depending on the type of species of a frog it can lay many eggs per week. They may lay from 200 to 2000 eggs in a single week in the water. A lot of the eggs and tadpoles do not survive do to fish eating on them. Frogs that lay eggs on dry surface lay eggs in smaller numbers.
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Frogs lay there eggs in water in the spring or when the weather starts turning warm. The water can be even a mud puddle, your swimming pool, lakes, rivers or creeks.
Frogs lay their tadpoles (eggs) in the water, like a pond, or something like that, i hope i helped:
1. Clean all debris from the pool. Skim floating debris first, and then vacuum dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool. Scoop out any frogs or frog eggs you find in the water.
A female frog lays eggs under water, usually in the spring. She may lay as many as
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Since time immemorial, nature has programmed frogs to lay so many eggs at a single time to enhance chances of survival. These amphibians lay their eggs in ponds, ...
The main reason why frogs lay so many eggs at once is to increase the chances of survival for the hatch-lings. This is due the fact that they have many predators ...
That will depend greatly on the type of frog laying the eggs. There are over 3,500 types or species of frogs throughout the world. After fertilization it can take ...
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