How Many Eggs Does a Bald Eagle Lay?


A bald eagle normally lays from one to three eggs. These eggs are mostly laid between five to ten days after a successful copulation. The bald eagle is a member of the sea and fish eagle group that has a life span of 30 years.
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The bald eagles nest in late winter or early spring, depending on the area they live. The more you go north, the later they breed, in the South, breeding may occur as early as mid
Eagles lay from one to three eggs. Five to ten days after a successful copulation.
Bald eagles usually lay two eggs, but the number can vary from one egg to three eggs. Source(s)
My guess is that birds can only lay one egg a day due to the energy, etc needed to produce a viable egg. according to this website, this is what they say about robins, which i guess
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