How Many Eggs Does a Robin Lay Per Year?


A robin lays up to eight eggs per year. This can all be done at once or through subsequent clutches.
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Male robins return first to seek out a nesting spot. Of the robins that choose to migrate, males will migrate northwards again before the females so that they may seek out the best
they lay eggs in their nest in bushes, trees, and bird houses.
Yes Robbins can lay eggs. Robins lay their eggs at mid-morning, several hours later than
With modern husbandry and a controlled environment, a leghorn, an egg laying type chicken, can lay an egg about every 26 hours for about two weeks a a time with a few days of rest
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Robins that live in the wild will live to be about five or six years old. When robins pair up for the breeding season, they will normally stay together for the ...
How many eggs robins lay depends on the season. The very first nesting for a season will bring between 3 to 4 eggs. On the other seasons, the robin will lay maybe ...
One hen can lay at most one egg per day. This also translates to seven eggs that a hen can lay in a week; however hens lay eggs depending on factors such as; the ...
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