How Many Eggs Does a Turtle Lay?


The number of eggs laid depends on the species of turtle it is. A sea turtle lays up to 200 eggs at a time, while an African pancake tortoise lays only one egg per time. The group of eggs that a turtle lays each time is called a clutch.
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Sea turtles will lay aproximatly 50-200 eggs at a time.
They lay their eggs near the beach in side a whole:
The female sea turtle can lay up to 80-120 eggs. Then it takes about 2-4 months to hatch. They need to lay that many eggs because there is a small chance that any of the 80-120 eggs
They probably lay some where around 3 or 4 SOMETIMES THEY LAY 1 OR 2 IT DEPENDS
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How Many Eggs Does a Water Turtle Lay?
The number of eggs a turtle lays at one time varies by species. Some turtles can lay over 200 eggs at a time. A normal clutch, however, consists of 50 to 160 eggs. The eggs are the size and shape of ping-pong balls with a soft shell.... More »
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