How many eggs does an alligator lay?


A female alligator typically lays between 35 to 50 eggs at one time according to the Smithsonian Institute. She can, however, lay up to 90 eggs.

Prior to laying eggs, a female alligator first builds a nest. This nest measures up to 10 feet in diameter and 3 feet high. In late June and early July, the female alligator will lay her eggs, which then incubate for approximately 65 days. The incubation temperature determines if the offspring will be male or female with temperatures above 93 degrees Fahrenheit resulting in all males.

Before the offspring hatches, they start to make noises within the eggs. The mother will then remove the nesting materials. Once born, approximately 80 percent of young alligators die due to predators such as birds.

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The typical female alligator lays 35 to 50 eggs. Some females lay up to 90 eggs.
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Crocodiles and alligators usually lay anywhere from 10 to 60 eggs, which incubate for two to three months.
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