How Many Electrons Does Chlorine Have?


Chlorine has a total of 17 electrons. It is found on the periodic table as Cl and has 18 neutrons. Chlorine also contains 7 valence electrons, one less than the highest amount an element can have.
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The electron configuration of the element chlorine (atomic number 17) is : 1s. 2. 2s. 2. 2p. 6. 3s. 2. 3p. 5. In noble gas form : [Ne]3s. 2. 3p. 5.
Cl has an atomic number of 17, Atomic Mass of 35.4527 amu, Number of
Chlorine's electron configuration is [Ne] 3s^2 3p^5, it has an atomic number 17 and symbol Cl.
chlorine is a group seven element with outmost energy level lacking only one electron, thus is not stable. when it gains this electron, it gets an octet electron structure(8 e in
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Chlorine, a halogen represented on the periodic table as Cl, has 17 electrons and 18 neutrons. Chlorine is green in color and is obtained from salt.
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Chlorine has an atomic number of 17 and is classified as a halogen. The symbol for Chlorine for Cl. Chlorine has 17 protons, 17 electrons and 18 neutrons. ...
Chlorine is the element with the chemical symbol 'Cl'. Chlorine has seventeen protons and seventeen electrons. It possesses eighteen neutrons and is classified ...
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