How Many Electrons Will Go in the First Shell of an Oxygen Atom?


There are two electrons in the first shell of an oxygen atom. This is true for all atoms with the exception of of hydrogen. Oxygen has a total of 8 electrons. There are two in the first shell and six in the outer shell.
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Oxygen has 8 electrons (assuming its charge is 0) and in the first shell (closest" to the nucleus) there are 2 electrons. :
Each electron shell holds different amount of electrons to fill the shell completely. The first electron shell can hold two electrons. The elements hydrogen, with one electron, and
The atomic number of oxygen is 8, which means that it has two
Neon atom number 10: first shell (K) : 2 electrons. second shell (L) 8 electrons. all shells being filled up completely.
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Oxygen has 8 electrons in its atom. Out of the 8 electrons, 2 are located in the first shell whereas the remaining 6 electrons are found in the second shell. The ...
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When hydrogen and oxygen combine to make a molecule of water, they each share two of their electrons in order to complete each others valence shells. They each ...
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