How Many Elements Are Named after Places?


At least 25 elements are named after places. These include Francium, Rhenium and Helium. There are other elements named after places including Terbium.
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The following elements are named after places where they were discovered: Germanium ( Germany) Californium (California) Americium (America) Europium (Europe) Berkelium (Berkeley,
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Ten of the periodic elements were named after places. The element Americium (symbol AM), was named after America. Francium was named for France, as was Gallium ...
The element that is named after a state is Californium. Californium was named after California and is number 98 on the periodic table. The element Gallium is named ...
The four elements named after planets are, Plutonium, Tellurium, Uranium and Neptunium. However, Mercury was named after the Roman god which was related to what ...
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