How Many Elephants Are Killed Each Year?


Up to 5 per cent of Africa’s elephants are being slaughtered for their ivory each year. In 2005, 23,000 elephants were killed. The number of African elephants decreased from 1.3 million in 1979 to 600,000 in 1989, when an international convention banned the trade of ivory. The population now stands at about 500,000.
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According to the BBC, over 600,000 elephants were poached in the 1970s and 1980s. A ban on ivory trade was instituted and this helped to rescue the species from certain extinction
Millions of animals are killed each year. Some animals are killed for food while others are killed on accident by being hit by cars and trucks.
On the average 30 to 40 people are killed by elephants a year and m...
I know that donkeys cause a lot traffic accidents in India. A dog or a cow, why even an elephant will move when you horn, but a donkey. Man that thing does not even acknowledge your
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