How Many Employees Does Bill Gates Have?


There is no specific way of knowing how many people are employed by Bill Gates alone. However, a general estimation can be made by combining the total number employees for his businesses. The Microsoft Company employees 94,000 people worldwide. Additionally, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation employs 1,058 people. With the exception of Bill Gates' personal staff and direct employees, like pilots, chefs, and house staff, it could be determined that he employs approximately 95,000 people as of 2013.
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Bill Gates cares of his employees, afraid of overwork. And sometimes Gates give vocation for a certain group.
1. Send Mr. Gates an email. This is the quickest way and worth a try. Send an email to He will not be going through these emails himself, but if you write a
Microsoft has over 79,000 employees.
"Born on Oct. 28, 1955, Gates grew up in Seattle [...]" As we can read in Microsoft official site. So he is 55 years old right now (January, 2011).
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