How Many Employees does Honda have?


Honda Global is one of the fortune five hundred companies. Honda employees some one hundred and fifty thousand people. Many are in the United States.
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Today, Honda has employed nearly 25,000 employees in all 50 states. The last information I could find Nationwide was from 2008 and the number of employees then was 167,231. I'm sure with the current strike going on in Japan and the loss of jobs it has been affecting the numbers. You can find more information here:
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167, 231 (2008) See The Related Link below.
The Honda in the movie Employee of the Month is from 1981.
I believe most of those U.S. based Honda employees happen to be in so-called Southern 'right-to-work' states,where labor law tends to be weaker,as opposed to the American based companies
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167, 231 (2008). See The Related Link below. ...
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