How Many Episodes in Lost Season 5?


The television series 'Lost' had 16 episodes in season 5 with a total number of six seasons and 116 episodes. The series is all about the survivors of a plane crush who are forced to live on a remote island with each other.
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TV producers are kind of secretive about this sort of thing. But a hint is that it will be around the end of January 2010. Only about a month or so to wait for new episodes.
Both Seasons 5 and 6 are gonna have. 17. episodes, airing beginning in January without re-runs or anything in between. Also you can look forward to the double episode feature at the
There were 17 episodes in season 5 of the popular ABC TV series Lost.
Sidereel has them all. Look for the megavideo links-they are usually the best. No surveys, viruses, etc. Source(s): mb
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There 18 episodes in lost season 6 .The premiere was two hours long. ...
There are 13 episodes in season 4 of the series ‘Lost’. The ABC TV Lost series has a total of 114 episodes. The TV series consisting of six seasons ...
Lost is an American serial drama TV series that was aired on September 22, 2004 on ABC. The total number of the Lost episodes is 115 and there are 23 episodes ...
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