How Many Euros Equals One Us Dollar?


One U.S. dollar is equal to currently 0.747551768 Euros. Tis means that 1 Euro equals 1.3377 U.S. dollars. But this is a floating rate and it changes quickly.
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0.7227 Euro (EUR) is equal to 1 US Dollar
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As of Jan. 2009, one Euro is equal to a mere .70 cents on every United States dollar. In contrast, one Euro is 1.44$ USD. The US dollar has been very weak since 2006. You can find
As of 8th June 2009, $1 = 0.72 Euros (72 cents)
1 US dollar is 0.7361 euros. ChaCha on!
1. Find out the current U.S. dollar to euro exchange rate. There are several places you can look this up, including websites like and Yahoo Finance. You can also call your
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As of March 17th, 2013, one United States Dollar (USD) is equal to 0.7645 Euro (EUR). The value of the Euro is slowly climbing, while the United States Dollar ...
One American Dollar is equal to less than one whole Euro. The exchange rate is currently one US dollar to 0.7314 Euro. Some people suggest that the United States ...
The Drachma was replaced in 2001 by the Euro. One Euro equals 340.750 Drachmas. There is .73 Euros in 1 US dollar. Meaning the Euro is currently worth more than ...
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