How Many Extinct Volcanoes Are There in the World?


There are thousands of extinct volcanoes in the world. Extinct volcanoes are those which have not experienced any activity or eruptions over thousands to millions of years. In the UK, approximately 10 extinct volcanoes exist. Most noted is the area where the Edinburgh castle lies.
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These are a few, however many can be found on Wikipedia. Cofre de Perole- Mexico. Mt Bosovi- Asia. Monto- Austrailia. Hope this helps.
1. Visit the Cofre de Perote National Park in the Nauticampatepetl. The extinct volcano, also called Cofre de Perote, is one of Mexico's highest peaks. Once you've climbed the volcano
Aden, Yemen – unnamed (extinct) Arequipa, Peru – El Misti
Extinct volcanoes are those that scientists consider unlikely to erupt again, because
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There are hundreds of extinct volcanoes located all over the world. To be defined as an extinct volcano, the volcano can not have erupted in out times. The extinct ...
There are thought to be over two thousand different fruits known to man. This number has probably changed over time as species of plants have become extinct. ...
There are five different types of volcanoes. They are classified by there shape. the composite alternate lava and rock layers. The shield is huge with many layer ...
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