How Many Faces Does a Pentagonal Prism Have?


A pentagonal prism has 7 faces, 15 edges, and 10 vertices. A pentagonal prism is a type of heptahedron. The prism gets its name from the shape of its base, which in this case is a pentagon.
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Two pentagons and five rectangles.
A triangular prism had three sides. Prisms are three-dimensional boxes with two similar bases. The most recognizable prism has square or rectangular bases making it look like your
In a pentagonal prism, there are seven total sides, with one being
( pen′tag·ən·əl ′priz·əm ) (mathematics) A prism with two pentagonal sides, parallel and congruent.
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A pentagonal prism has 15 edges and 10 vertices. It also has seven faces: two pentagons, which form its bases, and five rectangles for the sides.Any type of prism ...
A pentagonal Prism is a 3D prism with regular polygon faces and equal vertices. It is a type of prism with seven faces, ten vertices and fifteen edges. They can ...
A pentagonal prism is that which has five sides. The number of vertices's is therefore, ten. There are five points on one side, and five points on the other. Vertices's ...
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