How Many Faces Does an Icosahedron Have?


An icosahedron is a three-dimensional polygon made up of triangular faces. It has a total of 20 identical faces. It also has 30 edges and 12 vertices.
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In geometry, an icosahedron is a regular polyhedron with 20 identical equilateral triangular faces.
The number of vertices is 3. The number of polygons meeting at a
The 20-faced icosahedron is used in the game Scattergories to choose a letter of the alphabet.
If it is a REGULAR icosahedron then it has 20 identical equilateral triangles for its faces. If it is an irregular icosahedron then all bets are off.
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An icosahedron is a type of polyhedron that has twenty triangular faces. Each side of the icosahedron is identical, and it creates a total of thirty edges.
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