How Many Farthings Are in a Old Pound?


A British old pound used to be equivalent to 960 farthings. A farthing was worth one quarter of a penny and 1/960th of a pound sterling. For more information, visit:
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A farthing is 1/960 pound Sterling. So there are 960 Farthings in a British Pound, At least according to Wikipedia : ) A Farthing is a former British coin that was abolished in 1960
One old Pound is equal to 960 farthings. Farthing is 1/4 penny, 240 pennies in an old pound.
if u think the currency of the brits is hard to understand, then try understandin the stupid measuring system they use in usa. nothin equals the same increment like in metric. u gotta
960. Prior to 1971, the British monetary system was based on 20, due to the number of fingers and toes on the average consumer. A pound was made up of 20 shillings; a shilling was
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