How Many Feet Can You Park from an Intersection?


How many feet can you park from an intersection has always been up for debate. According to driving teachers, the correct answer is 24 feet. There are some driving manuals, however, which list this type of parking at 20 feet.
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20 feet
Stopping, Standing, or Parking is prohibited Within 20
How many feet you can park before a stop sign may vary from state to state. In most states you must be 30ft from a stop sign to avoid a parking violation. Check with your state drivers
1. Approach the campground parking site preparing for a slight, semi-circle turn going forward. Position the trailer so it is in the center of the road. 2. Reduce the speed to less
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From my knowledge you should always signal before getting into the turning lane and it should about 100 feet away from where you plan on turning. You don't want ...
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