How Many Feet Do You Have to Be behind a Car with Your High Beams on?


Depending on the state you live in you need to be 300 feet behind a car with your high beams on, if in doubt just turn the high beams down to a lower beam.
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High beams are the "bright" setting of your headlights. The reason they are sometimes referred to as "high beams" is because when they are on high beam or bright
A person who operates a vehicle
I usually call them the "brights" but either term works. You use the brights in rural areas where there is a chance for deer or other animals (depending on where you live)
Most high-beams shine less than 450 ft ahead. Use high-beams at night until you see another vehicle.
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When you are approaching behind another car you should dim your high beams within 300 feet or less and when approaching an oncoming car you should dim them within ...
When traveling behind another car, your head lights should be dimmed as soon as you see the car and depending on the state you live it it is the law to dim them ...
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