How Many Fights Did Muhammad Ali Lose?


Muhammad Ali used his birth name Cassius Clay, who used his birth until he became a Black Muslim in 1964. Ali recorded: 56 wins 5 loses and 37 knockouts through out his professional boxing career; in the 'Fight of the Century' in Madison Square Garden in 1971 against Joe Frazier was his first defeat. Leon Spinks in 1978, Larry Holmes on 2nd October 1980 and Trevor Burbick on 11th December 1981
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As a Pro, Ali lost 5. He ended his career with a. 56 wins. (KO 37) - 5. losses (KO 1) + 0 draws. March 8, 1971, he lost a 15 round decision to Joe Frazier (Title Bout) March 31, 1973
This is from Ali's fight with Ernie Terrell in 1967. You can see it in better quality at 8:20 Embed Quote
Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier met in the ring on March 8, 1971, at
He lost to Trevor Berbick in the 10th round at Nassau on December 11, 1981, after his "retirement" report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 11:36PM
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