How many films has Jackie Chan made?


Jackie Chan has made 123 films. Born on April 7th, 1954, he is a legendary martial artist, actor, screenwriter, entrepreneur, director and one of the most recognised names in Kung Fu. Jackie Chan is famous for his acrobatic fighting, innovative stunts, comic timing and use of improvised weapons.
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Jackie Chan answered this question in an interview in 2013. He said that he has made / been in more than 200 films.
When asked that question, Jackie Chan said, "I cannot remember. A lot! My
Jackie Chan has been in a total of 106 movies, with two of those being in production. Catch him as Mr. Han in the remake of The Karate Kid, in theaters now! report this answer. Updated
Jackie Chan has been in more movies than anyone can count. Yes, he's been in a lot of movies, but the actual number is complicated by the fact that a lot of them were made for various
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