How many films has Jackie Chan made?


Jackie Chan has made 123 films. Born on April 7th, 1954, he is a legendary martial artist, actor, screenwriter, entrepreneur, director and one of the most recognised names in Kung Fu. Jackie Chan is famous for his acrobatic fighting, innovative stunts, comic timing and use of improvised weapons.
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Jackie Chan answered this question in an interview in 2013. He said that he has made / been in more than 200 films.
Jackie Chan has starred in over a hundred movies, and is one of the...
IMDB: Jackie Chan has acted in 95 films, as well as directing + producing in 31 others. He is also often martial arts choreographer or stuntman.
Jackie Chan has been in 98 movies.When asked how many bones he has broken,Chan shrugged,explained he's lost co
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