How Many Flakes of Hay Are in a Bale?


The number of flakes in a bale of hay depends on the size of the bale. If it is a small square then it would have around 4 flakes. For a larger bale the number would be around ten.
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A small square will have around 4 flakes. Large squares have around 10.
LOL! It all depends on the guy who did the windrows. After the hay is dried and tedded and turned and dried some more, it is raked into windrows - long lines of loose hay ready for
Flake- a (packed, firm, or cohesive) portion of animal
1. Break up a large section of ground with a disk and tractor in early spring in preparation for planting hay seed. 2. Spread hayseed of desired variety in 2 to 3 pounds per 1000
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