How many flights of stairs equal a mile?


Just over 52 flights of stairs is equal to the distance of one mile. However, climbing stairs is twice as much exercise as walking on a flat surface. Within the same amount of time, slowly climbing stairs burns two to three times as many calories as walking quickly on a flat surface.

When walking, a mile contains about 2,000 steps. A standard flight of stairs has 10 steps. Going up a flight is about the same as walking 38 paces on a flat surface because the upward motion requires more effort. A Harvard study determined that men who averaged climbing eight flights of stairs a day had a lower death rate than men who averaged a daily 1.3-mile walk.

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how many stairs climbing equal walking a mile?
A flight of stairs is described as on set of steps between a connecting floor. For instance: first to second floor, and so on. It could be as few as ten steps to a total of thirty
Twenty flights of stairs is about equal to a mile. Use stairs to work
There is no direct code article specifying how many stairs you can have in a single flight, but the total distance from floor to floor (or from floor to landing) cannot exceed 12
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How Many Flights of Stairs Equal a Mile?
Twenty flights of stairs is about equal to a mile. Use stairs to work on cardio exercise and build leg muscle. Adjust stair workouts to fit your exercise needs with advice from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercise.... More »
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