How many flights of stairs equal a mile?


Just over 52 flights of stairs is equal to the distance of one mile. However, climbing stairs is twice as much exercise as walking on a flat surface. Within the same amount of time, slowly climbing stairs burns two to three times as many calories as walking quickly on a flat surface.

When walking, a mile contains about 2,000 steps. A standard flight of stairs has 10 steps. Going up a flight is about the same as walking 38 paces on a flat surface because the upward motion requires more effort. A Harvard study determined that men who averaged climbing eight flights of stairs a day had a lower death rate than men who averaged a daily 1.3-mile walk.

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how many stairs climbing equal walking a mile?
Twenty flights of stairs is about equal to a mile. Use stairs to work
Running stairs will make you stronger and help your running, but you still need to run distance on the flat to be able to run in boot camp. You can run the stairs one or two times
A typical step tread is 8 inches and there are 14 steps to a flight of stairs so that would be 8 X 14 X 21 = 2,352 inches (196 feet) You would have traveled 196/5280 or 1/25th of
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How Many Flights of Stairs Equal a Mile?
Twenty flights of stairs is about equal to a mile. Use stairs to work on cardio exercise and build leg muscle. Adjust stair workouts to fit your exercise needs with advice from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercise.... More »
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