How Many Fps does a 22 Rifle Shoot?


The amount of feet per second a 22 rifle will shoot depends on the make of the rifle and the ammunition you are using. Most 22's will shoot 1200 feet per second.
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800-1100 or so.
1. Learn that a .22 long rifle also comes in pistol form. Some revolvers accept only .22 long rifle ammunition. This type of revolver is loaded by flipping the side lever and loading
22 Long Rifle, Round Nose, 40 GR, 1050 fps. Have a great day!
.22 cal air gun, 700 fps.22LR rifle, 1260 fps.22 Magnum: 2100 fps.223/5.56 nato: 3200 fps. 5.45x39mm: 3100 fps.222 Remington: 2900 fps.22 Hornet: 2400 fps.22-250: 4000 fps. there
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It depends on your definition of "Best" several shoot over 1200 FPS but the best Airrifle is a competition class Feinwerkbau Olympic rifle that shoots ...
It can vary from a few hundered fps to over a thousand fps ...
A rifle that shoots a .22 caliber bullet. ...
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