How Many Gallons Are in a 100 Pound Propane Tank?


A 100 gallon propane tank is a typically used as a small residential tank. Residential uses for propane include fuel for appliances such as water heaters, furnaces, pool heaters, grills, and stoves.
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420 lbs.
1. Turn the valve on the propane cylinder clockwise until it is tight. This is its off position. If you have a propane stove attached to the cylinder, you can drain the line by lighting
There is approximately 80 gallon capacity in a 300 pound propane
23.8 gallons at 95% but keep in mind that the law is 80% full due to allow for expansion of the gas. Failure to do so could activate the relief valve and disperse the gas into our
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Propane weighs approximately 40.2 lbs. per gallon. So your 100 pound tank would hold approximately 23.8 gallons of fuel. The weight per gallon varies with the temperature and air pressure when the tank is filled.
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