How Many Gallons Do You Have to Have to Need a Tanker Endorsement?


The number of gallons to be hauled can be under 1000 without a tanker endorsement. But this issue is a little cloudy as there are varied descriptions of a tanker, either permanent or portable and whether filled or empty. Check with your state or local Dempartment of Public Safety or Department of Motor Vehicles for accurate information.
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1. Check your state's guidelines. The Federal Government has set a minimum standard that all states must follow. Additional requirements are required at the state's discretion. The
The capacity is marked on the end of most tankers. The last train I looked at most of the tankers were around 30,000 us gallons or 24,980 imperial gallons or 113,562 liters.
Tank trucks are referenced by their size/volume capacity. Large trucks typically have
Tankers have a capacity 5,500 to 9,000 gallons. They can cost over $200,000! Text us anytime,
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