How Many Gallons Does It Take to Rain One Inch on One Acre?


All acres are different in levelness however, it would take an approximate 27,154 gallons of rain falling to rain one inch on a one acre of ground. This would also be equal to about 113 tons in weight.
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It takes about 27,205 gallons of water to cover an acre in an inch
1. Calculate the number of square inches in a square mile by muliplying 5,280 feet per mile by 12 inches per foot. Multiply this result by itself, which yields an answer of 4,014,489,600
1 acre=43,560ft^2 1gal=231inches^3 (1 acre)(1inch rain) (43,560ft^2/1acre) (12inches^2/1 ft^2) (1gal/231inches^3) = about 2,263 gallons of water
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1 inch * 1 acre = 102.790153 m. 3. 1 US gallon = 0.00378541178 cubic meter. 102.790153/0.00378541178= 27 154.2849. So 27 154 gallons. ...
If one inch of rain fell in an area, in one acre of that area, there would 27,156 gallons worth of rain. This is figured out by figuring out how many cubic feet ...
I can't believe how many gallons of water is in one inch of rain per acre. There are 27,154.258 gallons of water in one inch that cover exactly one acre. ...
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