How Many Gallons of Paint Do You Need to Paint a 1 Bedroom Apartment?


That would depend on what the square footage of your apartment is and how many doors and windows you have. You should think that on an average sized room, you will use about 1-2 gallons of paint. If the paint that is already on the wall, you may need to do a base coat with primer first which should be at least 1 gallon per room.
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If you are just doing one coat of paint then most people figure one gallon will cover about 350 square feet. If you are painting right over drywall or over a dark color you will need
It is really up to you what you charge, however, you might want to charge for the cost of the painting supplies, and perhaps $10/hour for the amount of time it takes you to do the
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Depending on the height and width of the walls and the number of doors and windows, the answer could vary greatly. A good rule of thumb is to calculate about ...
The amount of gallons you will need to paint a small room will depend on how small of a room it is. Also, how many coats would you like to put on it? If you ...
The total number of gallons of paint needed to paint a room will vary, based on a few factors. It really depends upon the size of the room, the color of choice ...
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