How many gallons of water are in a 24ft, round pool that is 42 inches deep?


The volume contained in a 24 foot round pool which is 42 inches deep would be 11,800 US gallons. That is a lot of water to keep warm and clean. Check your filter regularly.
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14,500 - 14,600 US gal.
It should take approx. 14,500 -
(24'/2)2 x 4' x pi x 7.48 = 13,535gallons if full to 4' You're welcome!
A circular 18' pool that is 4' (48") deep contains 1,018 cubic feet of water, or about 7,615 gallons.
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A 33 foot round pool that is 52 inches deep will hold about 25,700 gallons of water. This can be figured my multiplying the length by width by depth by 5.9. ...
If the pool is oval, 3, 284 is how many gallons of water a pool will hold that is 15 feet in diameter and 42' deep. This is if you fill the pool as it should be. ...
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