How many gallons of water are in a pool that is four feet deep and 18 feet wide?


If your pools is 4 feet deep and 18 ft round , it will hold aproximately 7600 gallons of water. The formula would be to take the diameter (18 ) times diameter (18), times average depth (4 ), times 5.9 and you have your total of gallons.
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The formula for volume is l*w*h, where l is the length of the pool, w is the width, and h is the height. So this pool is 24 feet long I wager, and its is 4 feet deep. so it would
Water capacity for an 18 ft by 4 ft pool is 5,582 gallons of
Well, you can't answer this without knowing how deep the pool is as well. However, 10 gallons is about 1 1/3 cubic feet , and 10 cubic feet of water is about 75 gallons, so that means
Your 18ft around pool is 4 feet deep, which makes it a cylinderic volume of so many cu.ft.(cubic feet) capacity. If completely filled... Vcyl = base area X height, r=18/2(pi), then
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