How Many Gallons of Water a Washing Machine Hold?


According to a study done by Municipal Government of Tampa, Florida the average top loading washing machine uses an average of 43 gallons per load of laundry. That's a lot of water!
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According to Consumer Report and the California Energy Commission Consumer Energy Center, approximately 40-45 gallons per load.
The average washing machine uses approximately 40-45 gallons
The horizontal design allows front loaders to clean with less water. In contrast to a traditional top-loading washing machine, which requires a full tub of water and an agitator to
Conventional top load washers roughly use 20-22 gallons per fill when set on large load. A normal load will use 40-44 gallons of water. If the user chooses extra rinse, it will
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A full washer load of clothes will take about forty gallons of water to wash and rinse. The average household may do four hundred or more loads of laundry a year ...
The amount of water a washer holds depends on the size of washer you have. The average washer holds about 33 gallons of water per load. ...
The amount of water that is used in a top loading washer depends on the brand and whether or not its considered Energy Star efficient. Newer washing machines ...
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