How Many Gallown of Water Is in a 18 FT Round 52 Inch Deep Pool?


Finding the volume of a round pool is the same as finding that of a cylinder, using the equation v=pi x r^2 x h, making sure the radius and height are both in feet, we get 1102.69 cubic feet, or 8248.76 gallons.
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shall assume the 18ft measurement is the diameter, not radius. 18ft = 5.486m = diameter. 52in = 1.321m = depth. pi x radius(squared) = area of the circle. pi x 2.243(squared) = 15.8055
An 18 foot, 52 inches deep round pool will
If a swimming pool is 52 inches deep and 22ft round, the water will be 6540.91428571428 cubic feet or 48 929.4367 US gallons. report this answer. Answered by kgb agent Millicent Y
8,283.115 gallons Source(s): calculator
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