How many gemstones are there?


There are so many different stones and minerals that are considered precious and semi-precious stones, that it would be almost impossible to name them all. Some well known gemstones are diamonds, ruby, sapphires, and emeralds.
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There are around fifty different gemstones that can be purchased for jewelry and decorative items. They are classified by the type of crystals and their optical characteristics.
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A gemstone is a type of mineral or rock. It is made of organic materials. Some types of gemstones are diamonds, opals, garnets, and pearls.
Gemstone is a subjective term. It does not refer to a particular chemical composition or hardness but to the general appeal of the mineral. A gemstone is an attractive mineral that,
Gemstones are minerals & sometimes rocks & organic materials that are rarer than the usual stones & rocks & are used in ornamentation & Jewelry
Black diamonds are rare and expensive. They are used to create a strong contrast when combined with white or color stones. A Black diamond get its black color from its impurities.
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