How Many Gigabytes Is a DVD Movie?


The storage capacity of a DVD movie is 4.7 gigabytes. The DVD format was developed in 1995 and has become increasingly popular.
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The size of Blu-Ray discs are usually 50 GB. Movies
well if they are xvid movies at approx 700 MB = 32GB if they are in dvd format 3.5 gb = 210 GB if they are in Blueray 500mb = 30 GB.
Discuss, How many hours of movie can a 4.5gigabyte dvd hold? at Community forum; I just wanna know For instance can a dvd hold as much movie time as lets say there are avi files to
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An average movie ranges from about 1 to 2 GB. Keep this in mind when downloading movies to watch on an iPad. You can also save movies on external storage, like ...
A movie has a different amount of GB based on how it is compressed. An .avi may be less space intrusive than that of a .mpeg file. Most movies range in the 2-4GB ...
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