How Many Glasses of Wine in a Box?


The number of glasses of wine in a box of wine varies slightly by box size and brand of wine. A three liter box of wine serves about twenty glasses and a five liter bag of wine serves an average of thirty-three glasses. The average wine glass holds between ten and fourteen ounces of wine. Boxes of wine are becoming more popular in the United States as they are more economical and some people believe they are also better for the environment.
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5 liters of boxed wine is the equivalent of 7 bottles and 33 glasses.
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There are many different sized wine glasses. When people refer to a glass of wine they are typically speaking of 6 fl oz. which, on average, contains the same amount of alcohol as
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How Many Glasses of Wine Are in a Box of Wine?
Boxed wine has gained in popularity in recent years. More often, people are turning to boxed wine to save money or reduce their environmental impact. And because boxed wine stays fresh longer than bottled wine, they can, in theory, drink only one or two... More »
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