How Many Gorillas Are Left in the World?


Gorillas are the top animal on the endangered list. There are only around 600 of the Mountain gorillas left. For all the types of Gorillas there are around 50,000 left.
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There are currently less than 650 mountain gorillas left in the world today. Poaching and loss of habitat are the main reasons that gorillas are almost extinct. To find more information
700 Gorillas and they are getting more about 17% of it EDIT: this is wrong, although it is true that their are only about 800 mountain gorillas in the world. there are close to 90,000
All three gorilla subspecies are officially classified as endangered. There
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There are less than 800 mountain gorillas left in the world as of December 2012. The number ranges from 786 to 790 depending on the report used. The mountain gorilla ...
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