How Many Grams Is a Nickel Bag of Weed?


A nickel bag of weed is roughly $5 in cost. Hence the name nickel, which is equal to 5 cents. A nickel bag would have half of a gram or less of weed in it. Marijuana is still illegal in most states as of 2013.
Q&A Related to "How Many Grams Is a Nickel Bag of Weed?"
There is .5 (half) of one gram in a nickel bag of marijuana.
Five grams are in a nickel of weed. Thank you for using ChaCha. Cha...
Not Legal/Medical Advice: A Dime bag is equivalent to 0.885625 grams of marijuana. Text again soon.
That would all depend on how you rolled it. Thanks for using ChaCha...
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